Тест 92% Средний балл

WordPress for developers



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Вопрос Верных ответов
How can the class name of a sub-menu be changed in the wp_nav_menu?0 %
Which of the following will hash a string/password to its md5 equivalent?100 %
Which conditional tag checks if the dashboard or the administration panel is attempting to be displayed by returning «true’ (if the URL being accessed is in the admin section) or «false» (for a front-end page).100 %
Which of the following functions are used to add administration menu item in WordPress ?100 %
Which of the following WordPress Multisite functions allows for getting content from one blog and display it on another?100 %
Which of the following will correctly load localized (translated) text for a WordPress plugin?100 %
User Level 10 converts to _________?100 %
How can a post ID be retrieved from the permalink?100 %
Which of the following code snippets will create plugins back-end page without showing it as menu item?100 %
Can the contents of the wp-content folder be moved or renamed without changing any settings?100 %
Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps to adapt a WordPress plugin to a multisite?100 %
Which of the following is the correct way to get WordPress Post ID from the Post title?100 %
What is the first action you need to take for enabling the WordPress multisite (MS) feature?100 %
Meta tags can be added to WordPress pages by ________________.100 %