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Spring Framework


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Уроки по Java и сопутствующим технологиям

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What are the main Spring features?0 %
What does this expression mean ‘a.createAddress()?.street’?0 %
What are the examples of cross-cutting concerns?0 %
What operations on collections are possible with SpEL?0 %
How to get third element in the list ‘a’ using SpEL?0 %
What does this expression mean ‘a.getCount() ?: 10’?0 %
What does this expression mean ‘a.isDiscount() ? a.getValue() : null’?0 %
Is this a valid expression in SpEL: #{ (5%2) >= 0 and not (4 lt 3) }? If yes, what is the result of it?0 %
How to call static method ‘abc()’ from class ‘some.package.C’ using SpEL?0 %
How to reference ‘name’ property in the bean ‘a’ using SpEL?0 %
What is pointcut in AOP?0 %
What literals does Spring Expression Language (SpEL) support?0 %
How to make Spring understand, that there are beans defined with annotations?0 %
What annotation is used to define Spring configuration using only Java code?0 %
What annotations could be used to define a bean?0 %
How many init-methods could be defined in a bean with annotation?0 %
How to specify init-method using annotations?0 %
How to specify bean name when injecting using annotations?0 %
What annotations could be used to inject beans?0 %
What is aspect in AOP?0 %
What is advice in AOP?0 %
What is the purpose of ApplicationListener interface?0 %
Can aspects be defined purely with Spring XML?0 %
What interface is used to construct object from table row?0 %
What method is used to execute SQL insert statement?0 %
What minimal information is needed to configure datasource in Spring?0 %
What is datasource?0 %
What types of exceptions Spring JDBC classes will throw?0 %
What class handles basic Spring JDBC work?0 %
Which actions Spring handle by itself when doing JDBC access?0 %
How to call object’s method in Around advice?0 %
What is joint-point in AOP?0 %
How to get value that was returned from method in AfterReturning advice?0 %
How to get current class inside aspect advice method?0 %
Which methods does this pointcut designate: ‘execution(private * *.log(..))’?0 %
How to connect aspect to Spring context?0 %
How to enable AspectJ annotations support in Spring AOP?0 %
What kind of advice are supported?0 %
What joint-point is supported by Spring AOP?0 %
How does Spring implement AOP?0 %
How to tell Spring to use annotations for wiring beans?0 %
What is the purpose of Aware interfaces?0 %
How many jar files do new versions of Spring consist of?0 %
an the id and name attributes be used at the same time?0 %
What is the purpose of 'init' method for a bean?0 %
What is true about inner beans?0 %
What is the default bean scope in Spring?0 %
What are the possible bean scopes present in Spring?0 %
How to get bean from container?0 %
Which Spring container class supports only dependency injection?0 %
How to define several different names for a bean?0 %
What is defined in attributes of root tag in Spring XML?0 %
Can the 'init' method have arguments?0 %
What is the root tag in Spring XML?0 %
What are the ways to get beans from container?0 %
What are the functions of container?0 %
What are main attributes of loose coupling?0 %
How to manage static data in your application?0 %
What is hard to do when high coupling present?0 %
Which modules are part of Data Access layer in Spring Framework?0 %
What are some modules that present in Spring?0 %
When is the 'init' method being called?0 %
What is the required access modifier for 'init' method?0 %
What has higher priority when wiring beans?0 %
Can the bean from parent context be injected into the bean from child context?0 %
What are the possible autowire modes?0 %
What are the namespaces and schemas ‘p’ and ‘c’ used for?0 %
What are the namespace and schema ‘util’ used for?0 %
How to inject value from loaded properties?0 %
How to setup the override of loaded values from properties-file with system properties in the Spring class?0 %
What Spring class allows to load data from properties-file into the context?0 %
When injecting maps, is it possible to have a bean as a map key?0 %
When does the property injection occurs?0 %
Can one bean from parent context see and reference beans defined in child context?0 %
What is the purpose of 'destroy' method for a bean?0 %
Can one bean see and reference beans defined in imported context?0 %
If the bean has attribute ‘lazy-init=”true”’, when will it be initialized?0 %
If the bean ‘A’ has attribute ‘depends-on=”B”’, what does that mean?0 %
If the bean has a ‘parent’ attribute defined, does it mean that class of that bean is inherited from the class of parent bean?0 %
What does it mean when the bean has attribute ‘abstract=”true”’?0 %
What definitions can be inherited from another bean?0 %
How can the bean 'A' inherit definitions from the bean 'B'?0 %
When is the 'destroy' method being called?0 %
What method is used to query for several objects?0 %